Scientific Program

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2008 Joint Symposium on Molten Salts aims to bring together chemists and engineers from academics and industry in a productive, manageable ambience for molten salts and ionic liquids.  The scope of the symposium ranges from advanced preparation techniques to resulting new properties and industrial applications.
- Corrosion, Electrodeposition        - Thermodynamics
- Surface, Interface, Nanoscale     - Ionic liquids
- Industrial Electrolysis                 - Fuel cells
- Spectroscopy, Modelling             - Nuclear Energy
- Catalysis Synthesis

Theoretical work and computer simulations are also included. Also, environmental and energy technology will be focused.  Sufficient time to get acquainted among each other will be allocated after the talks for discussion and in the poster session. The programme consists of Plenary, Keynote, and Invited lectures, oral presentations (20 min) and posters.

Plenary Lectures
Professor Pierre Turq "Molecular simulation of molten salts mixtures: a predictive tool"
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Department of Physical Chemistry
Professor Mike Goff "Treatment of Spent Nuclear Fuel with Molten Salts"
Director, Fuel Cycle Programs, Idaho National Laboratory
This lecture is co-sponsored by Japan Atomic Society.
Dr Makoto Ue "Application of ionic liquids to energy storage devices"
Fellow, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Keynote Lectures
Dr. Catherine Bessada "Molten Salts Reactors: in situ NMR and EXAFS Description of the Oxides Influence in ThF4 and ZrF4 Based Fluoride Melts"
Professor Michel Cassir "Molten Carbonate Science for Varied Fuel Cells Devices"
Lab. of Electrochemistry & Analytical Chemistry
Professor Shigehito Deki "Properties of Molten Carbonates Coexisting with Porous Inorganic Powder"
Kobe Univ.
Professor Marcelle Gaune-Escard "Lanthanide-alkali metal halide systems: characterization and prediction of phase diagram topology"
Ecole Polytechnique, Mecanique Energetique
Dr. Tadashi Inoue "Pyroprocessing Technology Development in Japan"
Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
Prof. Yasuhiko Iwadate "Local Structure Analyses of Rare Earth Chloride - Alkali Chloride Systems: Approaches from Fundamentals to Pyrochemical Reprocessing"
Chiba Uni.
Prof. Ken-ichiro Ota "R&D Status on Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells in Japan"
Yokohama National Univ.
Professor Zhiyu Qiao "Activity Measurement Using EMF Method with Molten KCL-LiCl Electrolyte"
Univ. of Science and Technology, China
Prof. Marie-Louise Saboungi "From Molten Salts to Ionic Liquids: Old Wine in New Bottles?"
CRMD, CNRS-Universite d'Orleans
Prof. Pierre Taxil "Electroreduction Processes for Alloys Electrowinning"
Univ. Paul Sabatier, Laboratoire de Genie Chimique
Invited Lectures
Sylvie Delpech "Optimization of Reprocessing Scheme for Innovative Molten Salt Reactor"

Derek J Fray "Electrochemical and Microscopic Studies on Reduction of Nb2O5-SnO2 Pellets in Molten CaCl2-NaCl Eutectic"
Dept. of Materials Science and Metallurgy, Univ. of Cambridge
Klaus Funke "Broadband Conductivities and Fluidities of Fragile Ionic Liquids"
Muenster Univ., Inst. of Physical Chemistry
Rika Hagiwara "Fluorohydrogenate Ionic Liquids -Their Unique Feature and New Applications-"
Kyoto Univ.
Masanori Inui "Collective Dynamics in Molten CuCl Observed by High-Resolution Inelastic X-ray Scattering at SPring-8"
Hiroshima Univ.
Yukinobu Kawakita "Anomalous Cation Distribution of Molten Noble-metal Halides"
Kyushu Univ.
Naoaki Kumagai "Synthesis of Alkali Metal Ion-Exchanged Hollandite-type MnO2 in Alkali Metal Molten Salts and Electrochemical Properties for Lithium Battery Electrodes"
Iwate Univ.
Hajime Matsumoto "Effect of Cationic Structure on Electrochemical and Physical Properties of Aliphatic Quaternary Ammonium Ionic Liquids Based on TFSA"
National Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology - Kansai
Morio Matsunaga "Electrodeposition of Al-Mn Alloy from BMP-TFSI Ionic Liquid"
Kyushu Inst. of Technology
Gerd Maurer "Gas Solubility in Ionic Liquids"
Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Toru H. Okabe "Recent Topics on Titanium and Silicon Production Technologies"
Univ. of Tokyo
Nobuo Otsuka "An Acid-base Reaction for Fused LiCl-41m/oKCl Melt Equilbrated with Gas Atmospheres Containing HCl, H2O, and O2 at 873K"
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
Christian Simon "Virtual pH-paper: a Method to Predict Hammet Acidity of Liquids from ab initio Molecular Dynamics"
Pierre et Marie Curie Univ
Toshihiro Tanaka "Evaluation of Physico-chemical Properties of Moten Salt Mixtures"
Osaka Univ.
Akimasa Tasaka "Electrolytic Conductivities of Some Molten Fluorides"
Doshisha Univ.
Xianran Xing "Morphology Controlled Synthesis of Some Peroveskite Compounds in Molten Salts"
Univ. of Science and Technology Beijing
Hongmin Zhu "Anode Process of Carbon Electrode in Molten Fluorides"
Univ. of Science and Technology