For participants who need the visa application (Important)

[September 27] Visa application process in secretariat office has been closed.
All foreign participants must carry a valid passport, and in many cases a visa also. Since the Japanese visa application system is very strict, anyone who needs a visa should apply early, leaving enough time for processing and any possible corrections. In some cases, it takes a few months to get a visa after submitting an application.

You can find whether you need a visa or not, and how to apply for it, from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Japan Embassy guideline, we need to prepare the following documents;

- Invitation letter
- Guaranteed letter
- Working certification of Inviting person (Chairman)

for submit to the Japan Embassy or Consulate-General. We need the personal information of applicants for preparing each document for VISA applicants as follows for applicants' convenience.  Please enter the all items as soon as possible.

Notice for for Participants from PR of China
If you live in PR of China, please do not the following form because of Chinese characters are necessary for submitting documents for Chinese citizens.  Please watch a page linked here.