VISA application

The participant may be required Japanese VISA to get into Japan depending on his/her nationality. Please check whether you are required Japanese VISA or not. We can prepare an invitation letter to the conference if you need. Please notify us your personal information (to be used for only for the conference) described below.

Please download and fill the registration form (Excel file), and please send it to Conference Secretariat via E-mail ( We assume that you register the conference.

If you are required more documents other than the invitation letter to apply VISA such as the guarantee letter on your stay during the conference, we may prepare the documents required by Japanese embassy in your country on your demand. Please confirm the documents required by Japanese embassy and notify us. In this case, VISA processing may take long time. Therefore, please contact us at least three months prior the conference.

Note: We do not guarantee the issuance of a Visa although we assist you.