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Ionic liquids in general include the traditional high-temperature molten salts, metal-molten salt systems, glass-forming systems and also the novel room temperature melts. Several state-of-the-art applications will be presented. Several recent examples of applications will highlight the importance of these ionic liquids in various industries, such as batteries, nuclear energy, pyrochemical reprocessing of nuclear fuel, synthesis, catalysis, etc.

The basic concepts of the structure, dynamics, electrochemistry, interfacial and thermodynamic properties will be detailed and relevant experimental methods described.  Such fundamental concepts are essential for an in-depth understanding of the general physicochemical properties of these Coulomb liquids. Experimental methods for investigating structural, dynamic, electrochemical thermodynamic and interfacial properties will be detailed, as are techniques for data collection and analysis.

This meeting includes 4 historical meeting for molten salts and ionic liquids;
"8th International Conference on Molten Salt Chemistry and Technology" (Since 1983),
"2nd Asian Conference on Molten Salt Chemistry and Technology"
extended from "Japan-China Bilateral Conference on Molten Salt Chemistry and Technology" (Since 1986) and "40th Symposium on Molten Salt Chemistry in Japan" (Since 1958), which will provide a forum to discuss the transfer of these methods and techniques, developed for high temperature, as well as the more recent room-temperature melts.