2023 Joint Symposium on Molten Salts


Molten salts generally include conventional high-temperature molten salts, metal molten salt systems, glass-forming systems, and room-temperature molten salts, more commonly called ionic liquids. Molten salt chemistry and technology are becoming increasingly important for the realization of a carbon-neutral society. Notable recent applications include batteries, green smelting, recycling, CO2 utilization, nuclear power, pyrochemical reprocessing of nuclear fuel, and more.

This joint symposium includes three historical meetings on molten salts and ionic liquids: "12th International Conference on Molten Salt Chemistry and Technology" (since 1983), "8th Asian Conference on Molten Salt Chemistry and Technology" extended from "Japan-China Bilateral Conference on Molten Salt Chemistry and Technology" (since 1986) and "55th Symposium on Molten Salt Chemistry in Japan" (since 1958).

This symposium aims to discuss and deepen our understanding of the basic science of molten salts, such as structure, dynamics, electrochemistry, interfacial and thermodynamic properties, as well as the latest applications that contribute to the sustainable development of humanity, as described above.

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